At Bukalapak [1] we had hundreds of microservices deployed on Google Cloud, running using Kubernetes [2]. Our databases mostly used Cloud SQL [3]. As for our code base was mostly written using Ruby and Golang.

Here I’m gonna share my experience when investigating bottleneck on one of the microservice that was managed by my Squad. The microservice was powered by Sinatra [4] and used Cloud SQL for MySQL (I will just refer it as Cloud SQL for the rest of this article).

In Bukalapak, we call the team as Squad: which usually consist of Product Manager, Engineering Manager, Test Engineering…

I’d like to share a great talk by Julian Nadeau, a Production Engineer from Shopify. The title is Avoiding Cognitive Overload: Test for Productivity and Education. This is the link to his original presentation


There were a lot of great talks by great speakers in Ruby Kaigi 2018. In my opinion, Julian’s was one of the best talk. Because it was easy to understand, simple, and left a deep impression to me. This talk brought back my memories when I joined Bukalapak for the first time. It reminded me how I struggled with onboarding moments.


It started from mistakes. People…

Ivan Sebastian

Software Engineer at Bukalapak

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